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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale this is his 10 million people in the first show of the stadium; the second is his first O2O into the concert: Live Watch Live Watch. This also means that Wang Feng 's fans will have two options: to spend 280 yuan -1680 yuan to the nest to enjoy the scene, or spend 30 yuan in the music Watch online. Wang Feng concert is to play the subversion Wang Feng is not playing music, is subversive - is likely to subvert the existing games are played, open up a new business model channel. The traditional concert business model is based on offline box office and advertising as The main source of revenue, usually the foreign artist single-game box office can be tens of millions of already a first-line income; in marketing and sales, barley net and traditional offline channels Mainly, low controllability, leading to different artists to do The concert cost and income vary greatly. And the Wang Feng concert, marketing and sales to take the main channel with the electricity provider, and including Jingdong, Baidu, Taobao and discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet other more than 20 Internet platform depth of cooperation, the result is that the Sale of tickets sold out only 3 months. This calculation, Wang Feng this concert ticket income is 25 million yuan. In addition, the list cooperation with the music, is currently unable to accurately predict exactly how many fans in this way to watch, but A rough estimate of this part of the income online, with advertising and derivative products, nearly 50 million of the revenue may be worth looking forward to. In the past, the traditional concert profit model single, performers, production teams, sponsors, advertisers. ... many stakeholders can only aim at the concert site, to seize the awkward in tens of thousands of people within a few hours for themselves And live to pay live mode of operation, is the first real meaning of China 's Online and offline are taken to pay the form of super-concert, the full value-added (f-paper/). Completely added value, Of the subversive revenue model for the traditional concert commercial areas to ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet Open up a new blue ocean, stakeholders will really have the opportunity to look to a larger board, greatly lengthen the time value of live performances. In addition, the user 's business, the new model can become' a easy 'for The long-term close relationship - the traditional model, often a finish, no longer find these fans; on the Internet, everyone As an ID, if the business properly, these ID will be long-term active, continuous contribution to purchasing power. This is the music look forward to see, so music as in this working and brains, such as music as music 2 days in advance to open the slow live, full live concert of the preparatory process. Users from the beginning to participate in the preparation Of the whole experience to more distance and a richer view of the full experience of concert the whole process, and feel the subversion through the broadcast signal experience. Therefore, the Wang Feng concert, perhaps will become a milestone in the history of Chinese Music events. Since then ray ban sunglasses factory outlet

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